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How to Start Blogging from Scratch?

Blogging from Scratch: Blogging is like having a website where you can publish articles related to trending content and people visit your site from Google and discover. You can start blogging as a business because you can earn money from doing advertisements on your site, guest posting, and much more.


Blogging is also a business model where you can post your article and people visit your website and you can earn money through monetization. there is some other way you can earn money.

1. Select a Niche

If you are thinking to start blogging. First of all, you need a niche for what you are writing on your blog. such as news, tech, automobile, etc. After niche selection, you need domain and hosting.

2. Buy domain and hosting

Your website/blog needs a domain(URL of your website/blog) and hosting (your website serving on Google). you can buy domain and hosting from Godaddy and Hostinger which best for domain and hosting these are the fastest domain and hosting providers.

3. Customize. your site

Customizing your site is also an important step because when someone visits your website should look attractive, unique, and easy to navigate. when people like your website than people love to see and read more articles.

4. Create Mandatory Pages

If you want to earn money from AdSense, or another monetization platform you need to make some mandatory pages which are about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc. If you are promoting other products for commission then you have to create an affiliate disclouser page. it’s mandatory for approval.

5. Write an Article for your Blog

Write uniquely, everyone can read your article easily, write high-quality content. because for approval you need high quality articles. write article on E-E-A-T base, google refer to write article on E-E-A-T bases experience, expertise, authorativeness and trust worthhness.

6. Earning

If you want to earn money from your site. there are many way to mean money from your site. such as adsense, ezoic, guest posting etc.

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