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How to Grow a YouTube Channel?

How to Grow a YouTube Channel: In this article we will tell you how to grow your YouTube channel. These are some steps you can follow and grow your channel. A lot of YouTubers use these steps and now they have a lot of subscribers and people see their videos. you can also follow these steps and get a lot of views and subscribers.

How to Grow a YouTube channel

1. Find untapped Keyword For your YouTube Channel

When it comes to blogging and YouTube the most important thing is keywords. Find that keyword that other YouTube does not make videos on this keyword. when people search for your keyword if there is no video on this keyword then the first videos they will see and watch its your videos.

2. Create Videos Optimized for ‘Watch Time’

YouTube first foal to keep people on YouTube. (After all, the more time people spend on YouTube, the more money they can make from ads).

The YouTube algorithm puts so much emphasis on YouTube. In Youtubee the first 15 seconds is the key to increasing your viewership and watch time. you can explain your topic in the first 15 seconds if they get what you are explaining to them then 100% of them will watch your video till the end. and it makes your watch time good.

3. Optimize your YouTube videos

The important step in youtube is Youtube SEO. Add your focus keyword in your title, it helps your video to make it rank on the first page. so I recommend doing it.

4. Make Attractive Thumbnails for Videos

This step is also important. if you make attractive thumbnails for your videos then the click rate of your videos will go high Attractive thumbnails make your videos clickable and also rank them on the first page.

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