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How to Start a Business on Shopify from Scratch

Business on Shopify from Scratch: First of all, let us tell you that Shopify is an e-commerce where you can sell your product online Shopify is the best platform for selling your product online. You can use Shopify to customize your site more easily than WordPress or other CMS websites. Shopify is a platform that provides you a website where you can sell your product online and Shopify gives you a payment method where people can use their credit or debit card to buy products online.

Business On Shopify

There are a lot of ways to do business on Shopify you can do local commerce and international commerce. there are so many types of business you can do on Shopify you can do wholesale, private label, white label, etc.


Wholesale in Pakistan local commerce. you can buy a product that you buy cheap and sell it with your profit margin. But In international wholesale business. First, you have to get approval from the brand after brand approval you can buy products from them, and with a little margin, you can sell products online.

Private Label

In Private label, First of all, you must select a niche of your business. after that, you have to register your company with the government. Then make a logo for your brand after that you have to start advertising for your brand product after that your sales will start.

White Label

In white label you don’t need to register your brand you have to buy the product from China at a lesser price than you have to ship it to your country and then start selling on your e-commerce platform.

1. Create a Google account

This is the first step of starting a business on Shopify. you need a Google account that you can use for email, sign up for Shopify, and a Google account that is used everywhere. So you need a Google account.

2. Signup for Shopify

Sign up for Shopify then select the name of your store. after that select the type of business you want to start with Shopify. Attached Facebook account and tiktok account with Shopify. For joining the first time you will get 3 monthly subscriptions for 1$ after that you have to pay 24$ per month.

3. Buy Domain for your store

Your store needs a name and domain which you have to select first. after that, you have to buy a domain from Namecheap and Godaddy. after buying the domain go to your admin panel and go to settings then go to the domain section and attach your domain with Shopify. if you don’t want to buy a domain from Namecheap or Godaddy there is another way you can buy a domain from Shopify which is easy in attached but it will be a little bit expensive.

4. Customize your store

Customize your store to look attractive and unique which will engage customers in your store and people will love to buy the product. You can buy a paid theme or you can use a free theme that both themes can easily customized.

5. Add product

Find the best product that is trendy and can be sold easily in your selected market or country. After that add your product to your store and take some good and high-quality pictures of your product that will engage people to buy this product.

6. Run ads for your products

You can run ads for private-label businesses or white-label businesses. Because popular products don’t need advertisement too much but private label business need advertisement to sell them on your selected market. You can use meta ads, google ads, and tiktok ads. these ads can sell your product easily and you can sell your product through these ad platforms.

7. Fulfill Orders

After you get the order you have to fulfill your order to the consumer who order your product. you need great packaging for the customer and also need a thank you card for the consumer so that the customer will come again to your site and buy some more products.

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