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Apple Folding iPhone

Apple Foldable iPhone: In the smartphone market, there are many different types of phones in this market. Many people like foldable phones because of their look and their different types. Samsung is the biggest player in making Foldable phones.

But Now Samsung’s competitor Apple has announced that they will make foldable phones. The new generation likes Apple company products too much. A lot of people waiting for the launch of this new foldable phone from Apple Company.

In this article, we will tell You about the Launch date of the Apple foldable phone, Specification, Display, and price of the phone. So read this article till the end.

Apple Foldable iPhone Specification

According to some reports, About this new foldable iPhone specifications. so you will get the feature supporting USB C port, MagSafe, support of face Lock, and ID in Apple foldable iPhone. If we talk about the processor you will get a strong processor same as in the iPhone 15

We have given all the information about the specifications of the Apple Foldable iPhone in the table below, which you can read.

Display Size7.5 inches OLED
ConnectivityUSB C Port, MagSafe support
Security FeaturesFace Lock, Touch ID
ProcessorPossibly equipped with iPhone 15 processor
Foldable MechanismFlip design
Expected PriceAround $2000 or approximately
Apple Foldable Phone

Apple Foldable iPhone Display

A lot of people want to know about the display of Apple Foldable Phone. According to some reports about this Apple Foldable Phone. People can get a display as big as 8 8-inch screens.

Also, Apple will use a silver nanowire touch solution in this phone so that users can get a good experience in using it.

Apple Foldable iPhone Price

If we talk about the price of the Apple Foldable iPhone, no official information has been shared with us by the Apple company but according to some reports, the price of this phone will be approximately around 2000$.

Apple Foldable iPhone Launch Date

There is no information shared by the company about his phone. but according to some reports, this will be launched Apple will launch its first foldable iPhone after the year 2025.

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